When your little one arrives at the main Chapter One Childcare Nursery (next door to Treetops), they will be welcomed with open arms before giving you a kiss goodbye, and maybe even a wave from the window.

We then head into the hall for breakfast – a selection of healthy cereals. Once their tummy’s are full we get ready in our outdoor all-weather suits and boots, pack the trolley with our supplies for the day, and head out to the woods – Treetops camp.

Once we arrive at the camp the children first have the responsibility of registering themselves.  This involves hanging their individual wood cookie on the board at the entrance of camp so we know who is in Treetops. This is of course overseen by a member of staff!

The staff then do a safety check of camp and they are often accompanied by little helpers for this role. We do this because the outdoors are ever changing during the day and night and we need to ensure everyone’s safety before the day begins.

Once this is ticked off it’s then ‘Circle Time’, where we all discuss what activities are on offer for the day, what the children would like to do most, and if there is anything special happening in the camp environment. The activities are based on the individual children and what they have shown interests in previously. All the activities in Chapter One as well as Treetops are free flow, enabling children to learn through play.

By then we usually need a little bit of fresh fruit to keep us going until lunchtime!

All our activities support the curriculum, it is just delivered in an outdoor environment. For example we do lots of counting with stones and other natural objects found on the woodland floor, and there are number and alphabet lines hanging up around Treetops, which the children can sort into the correct order.

Some of the little ones also like getting quite stuck into activities like climbing, playing in the mud kitchen, doing leaf rubbings or learning how to use proper children’s tools (hammers, saws, screwdrivers etc). These activities give opportunities for children to experience risky play, develop skills for life and learn how to keep themselves safe, which is very important for their development.

Then once their little tummy’s start to rumble once more we collect round the fire pit and enjoy a warm home cooked lunch, prepared by our in-house cook.

We then continue with the activities until afternoon snack time, then we all pack up together and head back to the main nursery to be collected to go home – where they will be pretty exhausted after all the fun and fresh air!

We would love you to come and see Treetops for yourself, and maybe even join in 😊!

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