Nursery Manager

Roxanne Sterling

Hi, my name is Roxanne Sterling and I am very pleased to say that I recently became the manager at Chapter One Douglas Gardens. I am new to the role, but what has been very encouraging is the support I have by the owner Diane Gillam, the Group Manager Bettina Spouse and the Senior manager Michelle Nicholson. With such a strong leadership team I can share my passion in this very unique nursery. My aim within my role is to offer big opportunities and learning experiences within our quaint, homely and caring nursery. This nursery is different to the rest and here at Chapter One we value each child as being unique and this homely setting enables us to give a home from home feel and be part of our families extended family. The team here at Douglas Gardens give genuine attentive care and albeit we are little there will be no limits on the huge play experiences and fun your child will have. I very much look forward to you visiting and meeting the great team we have.