Kirk Brae

Address: 50 Kirk Brae, Edinburgh, EH16 6HT
Tel: 0330 202 1180 - Kirk Brae option 3

Age of children: At Kirk Brae we care for children between 6 months and 5 years.


Our Kirk Brae nursery is located in Liberton and boasts fantastic facilities both inside and out. Our ethos is to be based outdoors as much as possible to enable the children to take full advantage of our fantastic spacious garden, which includes a mud slide and mud kitchen and a giant sand area.

We also develop children’s understanding of tools in the construction area and have a lovely tree house that the staff and children built themselves using these skills. Within our nature garden we also have a wooden castle to play in and a climbing wall. We also encourage the children to grow their own fruit and vegetables and these can be used in cooking and in the mud kitchen.

At Chapter One we believe children need space to grow and the support to pick themselves up and try again when they fall. In order for them to do this we ensure every nursery day is different and the children are encouraged to take risks and challenge themselves through play.

All childcare vouchers are accepted including tax free childcare.

We are in partnership with Edinburgh Council to provide funded pre-school placements.


As well as excellent outdoor facilities we also have great well equipped indoor space to give the children the tools they need to develop their learning at every age and stage.

Bunnies - for our youngest members of the nursery 3 months to approximately 18 months with an abundance of sensory resources to develop those little minds.

Squirrels - for children aged approximately 18 months to 30 months and hosts all of the core learning activities and resources for this age and stage of learning.

Active Learners – For children approximately 30 months to 5 years. The Active Learners accommodate three ground floor rooms and have access to the core resources all day allowing them to make free choice enabling them to take control of their own learning and individual interests whether it be inside or out.

The active learners have strong links in the community working with local park rangers to plant flowers and support nature within the local park. We have good links to the local schools and local businesses in the community.

Extra Curricular Activities

We want every child to have the skills, confidence and motivation to be active and healthy through, sport, dance and music, so we also offer the following extra-curricular activities:

Buzzy Bees - Buzzy Bee classes focus on the singing voice and in particular unaccompanied singing games. This is important in helping children to focus with little distraction and also teaches them about melody and pitch. These classes are themed so if we have anything in particular we are working on in the nursery Buzzy Bees can try to theme them accordingly. The classes are also progressive, aiming to encourage the children’s musical ability and build on their self-confidence.


All food and refreshment are provided by Chapter One and are included within the fees, including breakfast, morning snack, cooked lunch and pudding, as well as afternoon snack.

Breakfast - cereals or porridge.

Morning snack – fresh fruit and milk.

Lunch - Daily fresh meals are provided by our outside catering company, Healthy Tots with healthy, nutritional meals such as wholesome soups, casseroles and mild curry dishes followed by yoghurt, berries and purees.

Afternoon snack – comprising sandwiches, veggie sticks, dips and fresh fruit.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday from 8.00am to 6.00pm.

51 weeks of the year.

Closed between Christmas and New Year.