Chapter One Childcare (UK) Limited

    (Treetops Edinburgh)

    Application for Nursery Placement

    Please complete one nursery placement form per child

    Please tick below sessions required.
    Full days sessions - 7.30am – 6.00pm






    Registration Fee - Terms and Conditions

    For children starting at Treetops – Chapter One Childcare (UK) Limited, a non-refundable registration fee of £100 is charged to secure a place.

    In return, when your child begins their placement, they will receive their own personal Treetops Outdoor suit. This is Non optional for safety reasons; all children must wear the suits provided and these cannot be transferred between siblings.

    This suit will belong to your child.

    We request that the £100 registration fee is paid at the time of placement Offer.

    The fee can be paid by card over the phone to our administration department.

    Please quote your child's full name as a reference.

    The registration fee is Non – refundable and Non-transferable.


    Due to the demand for places, applications are placed on a waiting list and priority will be given to those children who wish to attend for two or more days per week.